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SEASON 3 EMMYLOU LOVES 2019, that’s a wrap!

This season was all about what goes on behind the camera. As her profile grows, Emmylou is constantly striving to create a balance between her career and her family. Tune in to 10 Play (or watch online) and find out how she hustles on a day-to-day basis. Keep your eyes peeled for some special guests along the way!


S03 E06 Emmylou Loves

Season Finale Fashion Parade with Timomatic

S03 E05 Emmylou Loves

Who Weekly Shoot

S03 E04 Emmylou Loves

Channel 10 Billboard, 2019 Antenna Awards

S03 E03 Emmylou Loves

Celebrity Name Game, Cookbook Shoot

S03 E02 Emmylou Loves

Community Cookbook Day

S03 E01 Emmylou Loves

Show and Tell Podcast

S02 E06 Emmylou Loves

Season Finale

S02 E05 Emmylou Loves

Hectic Week, Preparing for NY

S02 E04 Emmylou Loves

Intense Training with Coach Mark Mariani

S02 E03 Emmylou Loves

Cooking Portugese Cooking & Announcing Phuket

S02 E02 Emmylou Loves

Swimming With Dolphins & Self Defence In Practise

S02 E01 Emmylou Loves

Hosting a Self Defence Night

S01 E05 Emmylou Loves

Season Finale LIVE with Christian Hull

S01 E04 Emmylou Loves

LIVE with Angry Dad

S01 E03 Emmylou Loves

LIVE with Chyka Keebaugh

S01 E02 Emmylou Loves

LIVE with Sarah Roza

S01 E01 Emmylou Loves

Season Premiere with Special Guests Peter Hitchener and Sophie Cachia


Season Premier! How to Collaborate & Nail Facebook Marketing


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