If you’ve got an event in mind, why not hire Emmylou as your dynamic, engaging, hilarious and passionate presenter? The right presenter can keep an audience engaged over a long period of time and effectively get your message across if time is short. Emmylou has a unique ability to get audience members to open up during Q&A sessions, and can see two steps ahead if things need to be wrapped up due to time restraints.

 Emmylou can:

  • Weave a specific theme throughout her presentation
  • React quickly when things take an unexpected turn
  • Inspire action, especially for fundraising events
  • Help facilitate interactive elements, eg. Q&A session or panels
  • Bring a unique set of skills to any form of presenting, whether it’s speaking on camera or MC’ing a live event.


If you feel Emmylou is the right fit for your event and shares the same values as your audience then we’d love to hear from you.

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