Emmylou MacCarthy is an executive producer, presenter, fashion designer, social media powerhouse and mother. Her ever-increasing popularity both online and on screen, is largely due to her genuine, unaffected persona which flows through everything she does. The Emmylou ethos to live life with confidence, because confidence is contagious continuously resonates with audiences across the country and beyond.

Emmylou was born and raised in Perth, Australia. As the daughter of a Vietnamese immigrant mother and African father, Emmylou, along with her four siblings, enjoyed a multicultural childhood. Emmylou’s mum, Phuong, found connection and community in her new home through the power of food and entertaining, and Emmylou’s childhood was spent cooking alongside her, learning both modern and traditional techniques. These formative years also saw Emmylou develop her love of community and passion for entertaining.

In the years since, Emmylou has gone on to raise a family of her own whilst flourishing in her self-made career. Now based in Melbourne, Emmylou co-raises her three children, Sage, Camellia and Vida alongside partner Aaron. She balances motherhood with multiple media engagements, regularly travelling both interstate and internationally for work as a presenter, MC, event host and brand ambassador.

A self-described “born entertainer”, it comes as no surprise that Emmylou created and developed her own TV show, Emmylou Loves for major broadcaster Channel 10. Series three of Emmylou Loves aired on 10’s Peach network in late 2019.

Emmylou’s online presence, primarily on Instagram @emmylou_loves, was the catalyst for her burgeoning entertainment career. In just three short years, Emmylou has created and nurtured a passionate online community who steadily champion her every venture.

Whether it’s selling out a jumpsuit in less than 24 hours, or hosting a followers event for her 40th birthday party, Emmylou’s true “influence” is undeniable.

In an age where the term influencer is bandied about liberally, it can be difficult to determine what parameters define actual influence. In the case of Emmylou, it can be measured via sales figures and revenue, and importantly, by enviable follower numbers and extraordinary engagement.

Ever thankful to her audience for their role in growing her brand and various businesses, Emmylou says “I cannot express how grateful I am … I wouldn’t be able to spend my life living out my passions if it wasn’t for my community”.

In November 2020, executive producer, presenter and MC Emmylou adds author to her growing list of accolades with the release of her debut cookbook, Confidence in the Kitchen, which hit number 1 in lifestyle and non-fiction.

“Working with Emmylou was amazing for our brand. She is so genuine and has the most engaged audience ever. Her community trust her opinion and it showed with traffic to our website and Instagram. Our sales sky rocketed and the roll on effect kept going for weeks. Can’t wait to work together in the future.”

Bekka May

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