A successful collaboration is more than just a partnership. It occurs when two people or brands find a shared goal and work together to make it happen.  Emmylou believes that in order for a collaboration to work it needs to be a win-win for everyone involved. If the chemistry and synergy between the two brands are right it creates hype, engagement and an epic amount of publicity for those involved. Collaborating is also an extremely clever way to build business, boost awareness and break into new markets. Plus, it’s up to 30 times cheaper than digital advertising!


    “We have worked with Emmylou across a number of our milestone campaigns, including Middle Seat Lottery and 1 Point Rewards. Emmylou always is a pleasure to work with, delivering content that exceeds expectations while going above on beyond the brief.”

    - Virgin Australia PR team

    “In the Australian influencer landscape, Emmylou stands out with her sincere endorsements and a deeply connected community. She turns every collaboration into a genuine conversation, consistently achieving great results.”

    - bymaay

    “Emmylou created authentic high-quality content for Paradise Resort Gold Coast. Her opinions and lifestyle aligned perfectly with our target audience, making her reviews greatly influential! She provided plenty of daily Instagram stories for us to reshare, these came across as faithful to her values which is what we want our guests to experience at the resort.”

    - Paradise Resort Gold Coast

    “Emmylou’s knowledge and passion shines through her content! Education meets engagement everytime, which is why we would recommend Emmylou as a brand partner. She takes such beautiful care with brand messaging and ensures our products are endorsed authentically based on her personal experience.”

    - esmi

    “Emmylou is such a joy to work with! Not only does Lou nail the brief, she entices and engages her audience across the duration of the campaign which reflects in the results. I love working with Emmylou, you are so effortless & and can’t wait to work together soon.”

    - Spotlight

    “Emmylou was great to work with throughout the process. She was incredibly professional and understood what we were wanting to achieve straight away. However, the main aspect of her work that we enjoyed was her warmth and engaging nature to camera. What a joy!”

    - Melbourne Airport

    “We worked with Emmylou over a six month campaign period and our client was so pleased with the content Emmylou  created. Emmylou  delivered content on time and was a delight to work with.”

    - Colgate

    “Emmylou is an absolute joy to be around. Her vibrant personality and positive demeanor make any interaction a delightful experience. Her ability to uplift the spirits of those around her is truly remarkable. In both personal and professional settings, Emmylou consistently brings a warm and friendly energy that fosters a welcoming atmosphere. Her genuine kindness and infectious enthusiasm create an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.”

    - Bianca & Bridgett

    “We have had hundreds of personalities appear on our programs but few have the ability to share their passion and joy for what they do like Emmylou.  Her honesty and authenticity shine through in everything she does and her fun-loving nature is simply infectious.”

    - Everyday Gourmet

    “Emmylou is one of our favourite contributors. She goes above and beyond – always! Her content is relatable & relevant, & very entertaining – she really puts her heart into everything she does.

    We love working with Emmylou.”

    - Universal Pictures Australia

    “Emmylou’s work with Heinz Chilli Beanz was over and above incredible. She delivered bonus content, inventive recipe ideas and her content was always highly engaging. She went above and beyond in all her work, which meant the content she produced was of such a high standard. The client loved working with her and she was a dream to work with.”

    - Heinz

    “BCW worked with Emmylou on her Christmas Table segment that aired on Studio 10 in the lead up to Christmas. Emmylou integrated a number of Woolworths Christmas products into the feature – showcasing just how easy and affordable it is to make show-stopping recipes at home.

     The results were impressive – reaching over half a million people nationally with an additional 9,659 views on 10 Play, as well as a series of social posts to further amplify the campaign which reached more than 100k people.  

     Emmylou was a dream to work with – collaborative and creative – she knows exactly what works well for her audience. The content she created for us was authentic whilst effectively communicating Woolworths’ key messages and delivering outstanding results for the 2020 Christmas campaign.”

    - Woolworths

    “We worked with Emmylou on a campaign across Campbell’s Real Stock which was multi-faceted, had a lot of moving parts and multiple deliverables. She was an absolute dream to work with and was a real highlight to work with during the campaign, she delivered her content on time and actually over delivered in value with additional stories and shout outs to the brand. 

     The client were extremely happy with the results, in terms of scale, Emmylou’s content was the most engaged with out of the entire 4 week campaign across 10 influencers and 122 pieces of content and a combined reach of 3.3Mil. Emmylou delivered a combined engagement rate of 4.51%, and produced 4,369 swipe ups to our clients website. These swipe up results were double what the remaining 9 talent achieved – combined! 

    Emmylou’s community sentiment and engagement for this campaign is some of the best that I have seen across any campaign that I have worked on for a community of her size; Her community trusts her recommendations and genuinely want to re-create what she makes. Her and her team have been so easy to communicate and work with we are looking forward to integrating her into more campaigns in the future!”

    - Campbell’s


    If you’d like to propose a collaboration with Emmylou, please get in touch.

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