2 Wheels of Thomas Dux Triple Cream Brie
1 Honeycomb (it’s not always easy to find, we use a Pure Peninsula Honeycomb Chunk from Woollies)
1 Tbsp Pistachios (If you don’t want to use pistachios any nut will do)
1 Fresh Fig cut into quarters
Your choice of edible flowers


Unwrap both wheels of brie and cut a small wedge out of each one.

Stack the two brie wheels, with wedges cut out, on top of each other.

Position the two wedges, one sitting at the base of the board and one on top of the brie stack.

Cut a cube out of the fresh honeycomb and place it on top of the brie stack, next to the wedge.

Place a couple of the fig quarters on the brie stack and a couple around the bottom of the stack.

Finally sprinkle the pistachios and edible flowers over the stack and around the base.

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