You want to live a bold life. You feel ready to own your voice, step into your power and to create the kind of influence that creates epic impact. You have a plan, you’ve got the product and you’re clear on the purpose… so what’s the missing piece? You’ve got to be brave. Why? Because being courageous is cool and contagious! 

Emmylou MacCarthy believes mastery over courage is at the heart of what it takes to create the life that you dream about both personally and professionally. Afterall it is the golden ticket that has enabled the Emmylou Loves brand to explode since launching in 2016, making Emmylou one of Australia’s most loved television hosts, entrepreneurs, and influencers. 

With a background in performance Emmylou trained with the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts youth program and performed with the Johnny Young Talent Troupe. She is a qualified beauty therapist, accredited fashion stylist and make-up artist. That said, she is also a firm believer that both beauty and bravery start from the inside out, and this bold and audacious approach to style has enabled her to create a relatable and truly diverse brand. 

As an entrepreneur, Emmylou is a self-confessed early adopter of social media. Her intuition enabled her to secure herself a prominent position in the digital age of influence through providing valuable content to her loyal Emmylou Loves tribe who reach more than 70 K in followers. Emmylou Loves covers everything from style tips, to cooking and of course, features the Emmylou Loves range of designer clothing. 

In 2018 Emmylou let courage take the lead when she took a chance on believing in her dream to become a television producer and presenter. Emmylou Loves season 1 and 2 launched via Facebook Live and on Foxtel Aurora securing Emmylou’s place in Australia’s highly contested television arena. Along with her television show, she also launched her own successful magazine. 

Never one to shy away from life’s challenges Emmylou has publicly shared some of the darker days in her life with a brave intention to empower men and women with the tools to face mental health challenges head-on. In raising awareness of depression, anxiety and suicide, she innately understands what it is to have to face life’s hardest challenges head on and to have the courage to choose another story. A story of hope, optimism and the belief that only you can give yourself the permission to create a tomorrow that is better than today.

As a speaker, MC and event host, Emmylou is courageous, cool and contagious. She prides herself on creating a tailored audience experience that is high energy, yet grounded in the innate wisdom that can only come from experience. Some of that experience includes hosting events such as the Business Chicks 9 to Thrive event series and interviewing global superstars such as Richard Branson, Danni Minogue, and Turia Pitt. As a speaker, she is on a mission to inspire and activate courageous women who dare to dream and create the life they deserve. 

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We have entered a new age where with the onset of digitisation the power has been given back to the people. Everybody has access to an infinite pool of online information, we have access to social media tools enabling anyone to take a message into the world, and we are more connected than any other time in history. So what makes those who succeed stand out from those who don’t? In a world of options, how do we ensure we have the eyes and ears of our target market?  The answer is simple. It is those who have courage who are seen as cool and contagious. 

In less than 3 years Emmylou has transformed her brand to become one of Australia’s most recognised and influential personal brands. Fusing both the smarts and an innate sense of style she has cooked up a formula for creating a life you could only dream about. How? To step in our greatest life we must lead with courage. 

In this presentation, Emmylou takes the audience through a step by step process enabling them to identify and activate courage in their personal and professional lives.  Emmylou shares insights on what it is to face fear, being comfortable with discomfort and unleashes a process for using courage to create a cool and contagious brand.  


  • Leadership 
  • Innovation  
  • Performance 
  • Resilience 



Never before has the art of successful personal branding been more significant. After all, we have entered an age of influencer branding where the reality is that people follow and trust people more than they trust brands. So where do we begin in identifying our purpose, and crafting a compelling brand story that will enable our profile to reach velocity? 

In this presentation, Emmylou unpacks her journey of brand transformation where she started out working as a mischievous chemist assistant to go to become one of Australia’s most loved influencer profiles with more than 75 K in following and her own TV Show – Emmylou loves. This is a story of direction, determination, and discipline in creating a brand that is built upon a deep contribution to an audience that has become a loyal tribe of followers. 

Audiences will walk away from this presentation with the tools to strategise and execute a compelling online profile and influencer brand. They will also be inspired by an honest and heartfelt entrepreneurial journey of a woman who was dealt a challenging set of cards and turned them into a royal flush.


  • Influence 
  • Communication 
  • Marketing 
  • Inspiration



For many purpose-driven pioneers and thought leaders, there is more often than not a stark turning point that acts as a catalyst for a brand new life. It is in these moments we are faced with a critical decision. Do we choose to stay in the darkness, or do we choose to use that experience to transform pain into purpose and write a new story? 

In this topic, Emmylou shares a courageous story of hope with regards to how she overcome drug addiction and a suicide attempt to create a brand new life. A life where despite her past she gave herself permission to heal, forgive, and to step into a new level of personal significance. We all get a second chance if we permit ourselves to create a new reality. 

In this presentation, Audiences will walk away with an increased awareness of mental health issues. Emmylou provides audiences with a step by step process to increase emotional intelligence, build empathy, raise resilience and to transform painful experiences into a more deeply meaningful and purposeful life…where you have the permission to have the best life possible. Permission Granted.


  • Inspiration 
  • Mental Health 
  • Resilience 
  • Purpose


“To see Emmylou speak in person was souls clenching and she was everything like we see every day on her stories and more.”

– Nicole, Melbourne

“Emmylou was so fabulous on stage, relatable if your building a business or if your rebuilding your life. I got so much out of spending the day watching her.”

– Kaitlyn, Melbourne

“She’s real – it’s not all perfect and polished, which I adore. Emmylou – you are like sunshine.”

– Dannii, QLD

“Emmylou gives me the confidence and belief in myself that I can do anything I want to do if I work hard.”

– Marie, VIC

“You inspire me to step out of my comfort zone and love myself.”

– Letitia, VIC

“‘I love how Emmylou shares her strategies for confidence and shows women it’s possible to live their biggest dreams.”

– Stacie, ACT


If you feel Emmylou is the right fit for your event and shares the same values as your audience then we’d love to hear from you.

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